5 Secrets to Creating a Great Band Logo


Why is it so important to have a solid logo as a band?


Let me start with the definition of a logo!

  1. a symbol or other design adopted by an organization to identify its products.

Very similar to choosing a band name…it’s adopted!  You take it and run with it until it is YOUR logo!


But a GREAT logo is a good blend of strategy & creativity.





If you look at some greatest logos in music history you will find that a lot of them are very simple.




Muse for instance… There is a line on top and bottom with their name right in the middle.  Pretty simple right?  Think about where this logo has to go. Banners, Business Cards, Bass Drum heads, CD’s, etc.  Is it recognizable on a 1-inch square and look great on a 35-foot banner? You do not want a bunch of shapes, odd angles, and colors going on your logo.  A logo can get cluttered and overwhelm fans pretty quick.


Now I like Hardcore and Metal music but can anyone tell me what this logo says?







A great logo may have a good color scheme but it is important to remember that it needs to stand on its own with and without color!


Does your logo rely on color for effect?


Color Effect


Keep this in mind when choosing colors.  Just like adding shapes and odd angles, you can clutter up your logo pretty quick with a bunch of colors that can be distracting to your fans.




***Tip*** Choose 2 – 3 colors max when putting together a logo.





Is your logo an icon, your name with a cool font or both?!  If you want an icon when creating a great logo, you want it to be able to stand on its own and be instantly recognizable.  For instance, The Rolling Stones…


Rolling Stones Logo


The lips with the tongue out are well known across multiple generations and across this guys head!  I guarantee that everyone at the party that this guy is at knew exactly who he was representing.  The Rolling Stones icon is instantly recognizable in part because it is simple, only takes up 2-3 colors and is recognizable even without the color.  The same thing goes for the McDonald’s logo.  You may see the words McDonald’s on a billboard or the noticeable “Golden Arches”.  Either way, you know these bands and brands because they do not lose their meaning when their names are not beside their iconic logos.





A great font is one of the most important decisions you can make for your logo.  When designing your logo, make sure to find a  font that represents you but is not a standard font that everyone uses in Microsoft Word.  Another thing to consider is not using a ton of fonts for different elements.  I would say that using a max of 2 fonts can be used but 3 or more is pushing your luck.


Font Display


There are a few places that I go to choose fonts for my designs…one being dafont.com and the other being fontsquirrel.com.  Both of these sites have GREAT fonts but the downside is that they also have some pretty terrible ones.  Pick and choose which font you want but be strategic, check to see what it looks like on multiple things and see if it helps describe you as an artist.





If you are not the best at designing flyers, banners, logos, etc. then leave it to the pros!


There are a few ways to do this and I have listed these from the lowest cost to the highest:

  • Phone a Friend
    • I’m sure that you have a great friend out there that is really good at blowing people away with their artwork.  If so, get your friend to draw up a couple of samples for you and see where it takes you!  If not, skip to the next step.


  • Check out your local colleges
    • This is something that has saved me SOOOO much money over the years.  Find a few art majors or graphic design majors at a local college who are trying to beef up their portfolio!  Most of the time they will do it for free or a super deep discount.


  • Fiverr.com
    • This is another decent way to get a solid logo but it’s a little hit and miss.  Fiverr.com has some great creatives who are willing to mostly use stock fonts and clipart to put something together for you.  But ever so often you can find an artist who will actually customize a great logo for you!  My studio logo is a $10 logo that I was able to customize with the artist.  But you need to be careful and selective when figuring out if this is for you.


  • Freelancer.com
    • Another great website that has a lot of professionals who are willing to take work at a cheaper cost.  Most of the time you will get a great end product but you may pay a little more than $10.  I would budget a couple $100 just in case.


  • A Graphic Designer
    • This is someone who is a professional and does this for a living!  They should know the ends and outs of styles and custom fonts and so much more that is involved.  You are a musician and an artist who carefully crafts songs for your fans to love.  In the same way, these guys and girls know how to make images aesthetically pleasing to the eye and make sure that your brand is well represented.  But at the end of the day, quality comes at a price and you will have to dish out a little more money.  So I would invest anywhere from $200-$500 or more depending on the level of designer you are looking for.



Twentyone Pilots Logo



YES!  You do need to create an iconic logo or great logo of your name or BOTH…but you need to be strategic and creative with how you want to represent your brand.  Check out some of the greatest logos of all time and study them.  Write down why they stood the tests of time and apply that to your logo.  The majority of them follow these 5 simple secrets.

Can anyone tell me who’s logo is above?!

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