Why I Went to NAMM and You Should Too


Why did I go to Summer NAMM?

Even though I can be very introverted – not wanting to leave the comfort of my studio, I went to Summer NAMM in Nashville to meet some incredible people and build relationships that will last a lifetime!

There were over 1600 vendors from Fender to JHS to DW Drums and much more.  After just 6 hours of being at Namm, talking to the sales reps and owners of the companies, I left with 50+ business cards that I needed to email when I got back to Memphis.

Now imagine getting to directly email and build relationships with your favorite companies!  Can we say, DISCOUNTS and ENDORSEMENTS?  Every person that I talked to afterward who attended NAMM said that this guy gave me 20% off this brand to said that this company wanted to talk to me further about an endorsement deal.

It does not matter where you are in your career as a musician or an artist.  The main objective is to get out there and start somewhere.  You need to get to know these people and be friends with them.

For instance, while I was there I wanted to meet up with a buddy of mine, Pete Woj (MixBetterNow, LearningToMix) who was there to blog about a ton of great products.  Even though I only got to hang out with him for a few minutes, he introduced me to all of these great friends that he had there – one of which was Lij Shaw (RecordingStudioRockstars).

Lij invited me to give an overview of the 4 Steps to 1.4 Million Spotify Plays guide as well as some more examples, tips, and tricks for his listeners!  And now, I would say anyway, Lij and I are friends and will become even greater friends as time goes along.

But if you do head over there to listen to the podcast – as an added BONUS, you will get an exclusive guide to Saving Time in The Studio.

Now I what I would like for you to do is put some things into practice.  Get out of your comfort zone.  Get out and meet 1 new person in the music industry that you didn’t know before whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube… Reach out to them and ask them questions.  Start a conversation and see where the relationship goes.

Let’s change the world!

 – Kirk



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